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The Possibility Club is about thinking… influencing, testing, shaping.


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The Possibility Club is the ideas and insight laboratory of always possible.

always possible is one the UK’s fastest growing connectors and catalyst agencies – enabling practical problem-solving and design-led solutions to tricky problems in business, economic sustainability, culture, education and community-building.

what’s always possible?




Possibility Club members are looking to shape the future of business, culture, education and community – by starting with what’s around them.

Members come from private, public, voluntary sector, social enterprise and freelance world. The only thing everyone has in common, is that they want to change the world. One decision at a time.

In The Possibility Club, we have a space for innovators, entrepreneurs, artists, activists and problem-solvers to test ideas with one another. It is free to join and open to anyone who is curious about what is possible.



Members of The Possibility Club have a digital playground in which they can ask for help, share knowledge, seek insights and showcase their ideas. It is an inclusive and warm space where the only qualification you need is curiosity.

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Human to human.

Every month, members of The Possibility Club gather, bring friends and share stories in an informal space. At each WHAT IF…? event three questions will be asked by ordinary people who are doing extraordinary things – and they need your help to find some answers.

Half of the meetings are in Worthing on the Sussex coast (so we can get some sea air). The other half are wherever the wind takes us.

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In your ears.

We regularly chat to the people changing the world.

From lawyers to youth workers, globally renowned musicians to teachers, economists to activists – we are tracking the future of business, culture and education by recording frank and unusual conversations with those who are driving it.

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