The Possibility Club

What will it do for me?

Here’s a quick introduction to all the things you can expect as a member of The Possibility Club.

As soon as you become a member of The Possibility Club, we want you to get immediate value. That’s why we’re basing the network offer around five simple things:


Meet people who share your sense of ambition, who want to create something bigger than themselves, or who care about the possibility of connecting with and championing others. Find people who you would never normally meet, and who might not always agree with you – but will learn from you and might have something you need.

By being part of the network, you’re giving permission for people to say hello. You can choose how you want to respond.

Connection is facilitated online and in face-to-face events; in big groups, small groups and 1:1.

  • TEST

We are in love with whatever you’re in love with. Bring your ideas and passions to the table, test something bonkers, propose something exciting, or just sense-check a process that you’re having trouble getting right.

You’ll find people who are on a mission and you’ll find people looking for quiet collaboration. It is a network full of stories and thinkers.

The curation team at always possible are always looking for people to help with insights and research, and to take into new areas of growth, action and change. You can contact people publicly or privately, or just throw something in the air and see what lands.


This is a safe space to ask for help. Let us know at any time if you’re having trouble finding what you need.


Our regular interviews with ordinary people doing extraordinary things are gems of inspiration – and we will discuss the themes and ideas that emerge in The Possibility Club online platform.

Our monthly WHAT IF…? events help people debate and unpick tricky problems or try to find solutions about the way we live, work, play, grow, create. Make better, more well-informed decisions about the things that are most important to you.

We will share research and new trends in business, culture and education thinking – as well as writing and curating blogs and think-pieces. Every member of The Possibility Club now has a wide and high-impact publishing house; we can get your ideas in front of the right people. We’ll help you share your learning.

  • LEAD

Once you’ve found your feet, you can use The Possibility Club to host conversations, chair events, develop projects and contribute to new thinking. Talk to us about your ambitions.

3 things to do first

Join our online platform and introduce yourself. You can add a mini-bio and a quick introduction. It should take you less than a minute and you’ll immediately start to see folks like you in your feed.

Try it


Listen to a podcast. We have an archive of over 60 informal interviews with people changing the world – in business, culture, education & community. You’ll discover a new one each week.



Book a ticket for a WHAT IF…? event. These remarkable evenings take place every month, alternating between Worthing, by the sea, and pop-up venues across the UK.

Find out more


Is it free?!

Membership of The Possibility is – and always will be – free. You can access other members, events, resources and conversation as much or as little as you like.

However, in order to sustain and grow the impact of the network you have the option of delving a little deeper and using our remarkable monthly subscription packages in order to unlock some exclusive opportunities.

The Possibility Club journal is just £3 per month.