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VIRAL: a creative crowdfunder to bridge the gap in young people’s opportunity

Revolutionary creative skills programmes like Viral are vital. Emily Kyriakides explains why you need to back them.


At Lighthouse we’re currently running a crowdfunding campaign for a project called Viral.

It’s our first crowdfunder, and everything they say about the hard work (which I was prepared for) and the emotional roller coaster (less so) is true!


The deadline is 6pm on Wednesday 3rd April.

It has never been this tough

After a successful pilot in 2018, this crowdfunder is to help bring in the last bit of funding needed for Viral 2019, to add to the funds we’ve secured from Trusts and business sponsors. I’ve been at Lighthouse for over twelve years, and it’s never been as tough as it is at the moment in terms of fundraising.

Viral is a creative and professional development programme aimed at 16-25 year olds in Brighton & Hove who have the ambition and talent to work in the creative and digital industries, but not the opportunities and access that many of their contemporaries enjoy. Some of the participants we worked with last year faced really challenging day-to-day circumstances, others were from groups that are under-represented in the creative sectors.


We need people power

The six month programme provides production training, business development, mentoring, showcasing opportunities and peer-to-peer support, focusing on a range of disciplines including music, film, photography and design. The project also brings the young people together with businesses in this city, who run workshops covering topics such as branding, budgeting, digital marketing and data analysis. These partnerships enable the young people to build confidence and gain a greater understanding of how different workplaces operate, as well as offering the businesses a chance to get to know the younger generation.

With cuts to public services, projects like Viral are vital in helping to bridge the gap to skills and employment. Please consider donating – we need people power and the support of Brighton & Hove’s communities to make Viral 2019 happen. And if you’re interested in supporting as a business sponsor, please get in touch!



What do you think? What is the future of creative skills development for young people?

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Emily Kyriakides is Executive Director of Lighthouse, a Brighton-based arts charity specialising in connecting new developments in art, technology, science and society.

Find her on Twitter at @EmilyKyriakides


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