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The future of plastic manufacturing

Richard Freeman’s special guest is Jo-Anne Godden.

They talk about social entrepreneurship, ethics in the fashion and design industries and the rise of social enterprises in the 21st century. What exactly is the triple bottom line? Where will the change come from to stop the clothes industry from polluting the world – consumers or manufacturers? And how can a small UK retailer like RubyMoon claim to be helping to both clean up plastic in the sea and get developing world women out of poverty?

Jo-Anne Godden had a successful career in the fashion and textiles sector, working around the world in swimwear and lingerie merchandising and product development for brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Gap and Marks & Spencers. In 2011, following an eye-opening trip to China’s garment factories, she quit, frustrated that this global industry was willfully ignoring its own impact on the environment, sustainability and dependent communities – and directed her energy into a new social enterprise: RubyMoon.

RubyMoon is now an award-winning community interest company that designs and manufactures top of the range swimwear & fitness clothing, but only uses recycled plastics recovered from the sea. The company directors use all profits to support female entrepreneurs in 12 developing countries, through micro-finance and investment programmes. Over 200 loans have been made to date.

For the past 7 years, Jo-Anne has been a champion of ethical business around the world, and is often seen judging awards, mentoring young people and campaigning about a more sustainable
approach to fashion.

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