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Richard Freeman’s special guest this week is Laura McInerney

On Laura’s website, she recounts in depth and with humor her early years growing up in Cheshire, the long shifts at McDonalds and the government trying to shut down her college whilst she was in the middle of her A Levels. It was her forthright campaigning that kept it open – very much a sign of things to come.

Despite many odds, Laura was accepted to study at Oxford, and then as a graduate joined an on-the-job teacher training programme, finding her calling as a secondary school teacher in London. In 2008, she won the TeachFirst award for Outstanding Teaching.

After six years in the classroom, Laura’s sharp rise as one the most informed, well-respected and sometimes controversial commentators on education – and now an EdTech entrepreneur – has been rapid.

As well as a stint as Editor of the investigative newspaper Schools Week, Laura has been a columnist for many national broadsheet papers and is regularly featured on BBC Radio, LBC and Sky News. She has written books on the failures of Free Schools and runs an online database about every UK education secretary in history.

In 2017, Laura launched TeacherTapp, a new research tool that gives a new voice for teachers, collecting real-time data with which better decisions might be made on working conditions, policy and training.

We spoke in autumn 2018 about her decisions, motivations and mission for education and what we need to do to ensure our schools are fit for purpose.

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