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Richard Freeman’s special guest this week is Dr Caspar Chater.

Caspar is a leading light in the world of plant science and stomatal biology, whose research is producing new thinking on our understanding of how plants evolve, adapt and survive.

Caspar’s academic career began at the University of Sheffield in the UK, but he can now be found heading up a team of researchers at UNAM in Mexico City. Caspar is on the line from Mexico when this conversation was recorded on the phone in May 2018.

Richard has known Caspar for over 20 years, and they explore where his interest in ecology comes from, what the implications of his research are and what influence research scientists have in 2018 when our politicians are denouncing the role of experts.

They also discuss funding, ethics and independence in biological research, especially in Caspar’s field of plant science which is asking fundamental questions about what we grow, what we eat and how we choose to live.

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