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Richard Freeman has a conversation with Kate Peach.

They talk about the current politics and policy of childcare in the UK and her career both caring for children and campaigning for a more resilient – and more child-centred – nursery and pre-school system.

Kate Peach is a multi-award winning childcare expert, having recently been named one of the five most inspirational people in the sector by the national trade press and her own day nursery, Each Peach Childcare, voted one of the top three in the country by parents.

Kate is a champion of discovery-led early years experiences, in which children develop their potential through socialisation, play and access to highly skilled and supported staff.

Kate’s long career as a nursery practitioner, manager, business executive, entrepreneur and consultant has given her a national profile – with which she lobbied ministers and challenged the education regulator Ofsted, to better understand the needs of those who rely on the sector, especially children.

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