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The future of social media data

Richard Freeman talks to Dale Roberts.

They discuss big data, eavesdropping on customers and the ambition of some technologists to make customer service and sales less about process and automation and more about listening to what people actually need.

Richard asks about whether corporate surveillance of our social media chatter can ever be a good thing and who owns the ethical code behind this, if indeed there is one? The implications for this technology are overwhelming, with already demonstrably positive applications in improving cultural understanding and software that translates emotion and subtext rather than just words.

Dale Roberts is Vice President of Professional Services for global software and analytics company Clarabridge. A well-known author, commentator, columnist and speaker, Dale is a critical adviser to some of the world’s biggest companies on how to improve the customer experience using social and digital insights.

Prior to this role, he was co-founder of Artesian Solutions, a pioneering tech business focused on social customer relationship management – and a Director of Services for business intelligence giant Cognos. Dale’s first book, Decision Sourcing, is a commentary on the impact of social media on corporate decision making and his most recent, World of Workcraft, is a study on engagement, motivation and digital humanism in the workplace.

Dale has been identified as one of the most influential thinkers in big data and analytics by Analytics Week, and often contributes his ideas to business and technology publications including Wired and ClickZ.

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