The Possibility Club

Richard Freeman has a conversation with Rod Natkiel.

They chat about what good work experience looks like for young people, the language barriers between education and business and the ups and downs of leading a charity in the 21st century.

Until recently, Rod Natkiel was most renowned for his senior-level career in TV and radio, as a multi-award and BAFTA-winning executive producer, director and writer at both the BBC and in corporate media production. Among many other programmes throughout the 1990s, Rod had creative and financial responsibility for Top Gear, Dangerfield and The Archers as Head of Network at BBC Birmingham.

From 1999-1997 Rod was a Board Member for Arts Council England and was Visiting Professor of Television at Birmingham City University for over 6 years.

In 2016, Rod took his executive leadership experience to a completely different sector when he was appointed Chief Executive of Fair Train, the UK’s national charity for promoting high quality work experience. As the owner of the work experience quality standard, Fair Train enables education providers, businesses and institutions of all sizes to ensure that work experience is valuable, meaningful and safe.


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