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The future of autism (and our understanding of it)

Shona Davison // Autism Activist.

Shona knows more about autism than most people we’ve come across and is doing more to demystify the lived experience of autistic adults than many.

Following a successful career as a banking consultant, Shona is now a mother to two autistic children, a home educator, autism educator and autistic advocate. She regularly writes about autism for print and online news media and is soon to publish a book on autistic parenthood.

Shone was diagnosed with autism herself at the age of 38, which became a catalyst and mission to better understand and inform about the condition, resulting in the completion of an MA in Autism at Sheffield Hallam University and a range of pioneering research on the experiences of autistic parents, home education for autistic children and wider autistic well-being.

Richard Freeman spoke to Shona in Autumn 2018 about the understanding, language and treatment for autism – and why we get it so wrong so much of the time.


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