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Samantha Harland // Innovation & Business Consultant

Richard Freeman’s special guest is Samantha Harland


“Currently all of my projects are based on results and output, what I deliver, rather than the hours I work, which is great but I do think, how can that translate into every industry? I have no idea but it is the way we are going.”


This interview is from a series of events, blogs and discussions around The Future of Work.

We’re thinking about what work is, and what we need it to be; how business and enterprise will be continue to be re-structured in the digital age; about a realignment of power and decision-making in employment; and how people are thinking differently about the purpose and placement of work in their lives.

In this podcast, Richard Freeman has a chat with Samantha Harland about the changing sands of self-employment; of women and leadership and of attitudes towards flexible working.

Samantha Harland is a specialist in business development and growth, with experience that spans corporate brands, cutting-edge technology and coaching for micro-businesses and start-ups from all sectors.

Sam is a passionate advocate about rethinking the future of work and helping organisations to innovate, supporting individuals as well as businesses to turn their ideas into tangible business plans. She holds a degree in Organisational Development started her career in accounts, innovations and insights management at global organisations such as Diageo, Unilever and Tesco.

More recently, Sam ran an Entrepreneur Start-Up Accelerator on behalf of NatWest and is now a business advisor, workshop facilitator and coach, working on technological and structural innovation with utility companies, the built environment and on the UK’s first 5G business accelerator programme in partnership with the Digital Catapult – amongst others.

Richard and Sam spoke at the end of March 2019 about the starting points for businesses who want to do things differently in the 21st century, the life of a freelancer and whether Brexit is holding people back.

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This was presented by Richard Freeman, and this podcast is produced and edited by CJ Thorpe-Tracey for Lo Fi Arts.


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