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The future of the UK’s global reputation

Dr Richard Lang // Senior Lecturer in Law, University of Brighton

“The EU as a project has always had those two elements; a kind of ideological element but also the hard-edged mercantile element”

This interview is from a series of events, blogs and discussions around the theme of Local or Global.

We’re thinking about localism and globalism in a 21st century context, about the role of the United Kingdom in the world following Brexit, about our identity and what we consider to be our community, and about the way new power, technology and communication structures are changing the way we think about manufacturing, culture and nationality amongst others.

In this podcast, Richard Freeman has a chat with Dr Richard Lang about law, economics and politics through an international prism, and whether the three can ever sit comfortably together. They discuss European law vs British law and the reputation of the UK in international circles, following the decision to leave the European Union in 2016.

Dr Richard Lang is a Senior Lecturer in international law and a member of the EU Committee of the Law Society of England & Wales, following a legal career at a number of Brussels-based law firms. Richard is recognised as an expert in EU fundamental rights by the European Parliament, but has recently been focusing on European criminal law more broadly and the legal implications of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU – on which subject he has been invited to give evidence to parliamentary select committees, particularly around the issue of the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The Richards spoke in early April 2019, a few days after the original planned Brexit withdrawal day, with breaking news about extensions and new approaches happening as they talk.

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