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Peter Kyle // MP

Richard Freeman’s special guest is Dr Peter Kyle MP

This interview is from a series of events, blogs and discussions around The Future of Work.

We’re thinking about what work is, and whether noise about automation, migration and four day weeks – trade wars, skills gaps and the fourth industrial revolution – is hot air or genuinely changing our lives for ever.

In this podcast, Richard has a chat with Dr Peter Kyle MP about politics, policy, Brexit and where the future workforce is coming from.

Peter Kyle has been the Labour Member of Parliament for Hove and Portslade since 2015, a marginal constituency of which only 12 out of the last 69 years has not had a Conservative incumbent. In the 2017 election, Peter unexpectedly turned a majority of just over a thousand into one of nearly 19,000.
Peter Kyle’s has often talked openly about his challenges managing acute dyslexia and being an openly gay teenager in a small conservative Sussex town, to completing a doctorate in Community Development, and becoming a special adviser on social exclusion to Tony Blair’s government in 2006.

Following his position as Deputy Chief Executive of the charity leaders’ network ACEVO, Peter was appointed the inaugural CEO of Working For Youth, a national youth employment and work mentoring charity.

In parliament, Peter has been a strong proponent of apprenticeships, workforce reform, and technical education, sitting on the Business & Industrial Strategy Select Committee.

We spoke in March 2019 about education and the future workforce, but that week some of his closest friends and colleagues had quit the Labour party to form a new independent group and Peter was making international headlines himself with his compromise amendment to push the government towards a second people’s vote on Brexit – and that is where we started.

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What did you think of Peter’s views on democracy and policy, education and where our focus should be?

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This podcast was hosted by Richard Freeman and produced/edited by CJ Thorpe-Tracey for Lo Fi Arts.




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