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Persia West // Transgender activist

I think the painter lies in us all. There’s something that lies unfulfilled. We’re put in boxes and we live our lives in these boxes and what I’m really after is getting out of our box.


Persia West was born and raised in Liverpool in the aftermath of world war two, attending the local boy’s school – but from an early age knowing that the outward identity seen by others did not fit with how she felt about herself.

70 years on, and Persia is an international transgender and LGBT activist, speaker on human rights and diversity, a meditation teacher, and writer and speaker on gender, identity, and power. Her personal experiences of shifting gender has deepened her insights into the limitations of created female and male identity.

Persia’s books on kindness and spirituality have won her fans around the world and today Persia’s podcast ’the masks of gender’, as well as her many talks and presentations with the Royal Society of Arts, continue to explore the future of inclusion and gender identity in the 21st century.

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What do you think about gender identity in the 21st century? Is LGBT equality within our grasp, or is society still only able to accept a particular presentation of homosexuality or transgender lives?

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The interviewer was Richard Freeman from always possible. This podcast was presented, produced and edited by CJ Thorpe-Tracey for Lo Fi Arts.


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