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Jess English // Founder, Level Up Nutrition


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So what is 21st century pressure? Why is now different from any other time in history?

In this podcast, we have a chat with dietician, food and health expert Jess English, about rising anxiety levels around what we eat, how we eat it, what our bodies look like and how we should manage our lifestyle choices – and what it is like to run a business specialising in helping others to navigate through the noise.

Jess is a dietician, accredited by the Health & Care Professions Council, who set-up her own consultancy and private practice – Level Up Nutrition – following a period as clinical NHS dietician, specialising in public health. Jess’ approach is stringently evidence-based, and she supports people to manage their health and self-care through food – and relationship with food – without focusing too much on weight. Jess’ popular blog and masterclasses busts myths around dieting, nutrition and food scares and we talk about how much pressure she thinks people are under to subscribe to a popular food fad when this is usually completely inappropriate – even harmful.

Richard and Jess spoke in early March 2019, and enjoyed a meandering conversation about the western relationship with food, the language of dieting and body-image and how Jess has managed to build her business as a health entrepreneur.

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The interviewer was Richard Freeman from always possible. This podcast was presented, produced and edited by CJ Thorpe-Tracey for Lo Fi Arts.


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