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The future of gender in fiction

Richard Freeman’s special guest this week is Abigail Tarttelin.

In 2013, Abigail was placed on the Evening Standard’s Evening Standard’s watchlist of “25 people under 25”, for her second novel ‘Golden Boy’, but even by then she had appeared in a number of films and was being lauded as one of the rising British stars of independent cinema.

In May 2018, Abigail’s third book ‘Dead Girls’ was published – a taut feminist thriller, exploring themes of girlhood and domestic violence in the 1990s.

We spoke to Abigail in late June, and discussed the subjects she tackles in her novels such as intersex rights and modern adolescence, and what it means to be a self-labelled feminist in a time in which the very nature of what gender is, should be, and means is more under the spotlight than ever.

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