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Are Brighton’s Businesses Reaching Far Enough?

Alice Warren reflects on The Brighton Big Debate, chaired by Richard Freeman (always possible / The Possibility Club).

“We are the start-up capital of the UK but not the scale-up capital…” Claire Mason
Brighton Chamber recently hosted a Big Debate: ‘Are Brighton’s businesses reaching far enough?’ The panel, facilitated by Richard Freeman, CEO of always possible, included Claire Mason, Founder and CEO of Man Bites Dog, John McLean, NED of China Britain Business Council, Eileen Green, Sales and International Trade Manager at MooncupRichard Lang, Lecturer at University of Brighton and Ramy Badrie, International student at the University of Brighton.
Over 100 individuals gathered to discuss what we’re doing right, where we’re going wrong, and what businesses should do to ensure Brighton is making waves on a larger scale.





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